How to DE-Stress your Thanksgiving Holiday

Can you believe we are planning Thanksgiving already? 2020 was like a slow moving truck that suddenly kicked into high gear! 

This year I'm on it, like really really on it. I have found the way to organize and plan to my hearts content. Trello I love you! What’s Trello? It’s a cross between Pinterest and Outlook. It’s visual boards with checklist, reminders, links and attachments. It’s AMAZ....wait for it 

You can use it for free! Just use this link  (THIS ONE) and create an account. 

Just so know what I get if you click on the link it's a free month since I added goodies to my account. Anyone can get a free month if they share!  🧡 

Check it out and if you need a template for a stress free (okay less stress) Thanksgiving plan. Sign up below to get my Thanksgiving Board for free. 

Because what’s better than a board already created for you? One that already has ideas, a few recipes, links to some awesome table settings and a check list of don’t forget items. You just copy the board (see instructions in Trello) to your private board and then add people in. Assign them tasks with reminder dates. Everyone can see the plan. What’s even better is download the app to your phone and if you happen to remember that Aunt Sally needs to bring the punch bowl while standing in line at your local coffee house, just add it and tada your done. 

Trello Thanksgiving

Here are some basic but ohhh so essential planning tips. 

 Planning Tips

  • 5 Weeks 
    • Get your guest list together and invites sent. Set a time so everyone knows when to be there. 
  • 4 Weeks 
    • Confirm everyone is coming
    • Make reservations for extra table and chairs or borrow them well in advance!
    • Get your menu planned out and remember to consider those dietary needs!
    • If your preordering platters or anything from a restaurant or deli get it done now! 
  • 3 Weeks
    • If your having people bring things, make sure they know. 
    • Remember it's okay to ask everyone to bring a dish or help out. Makes life easier. 
    • BUY WHAT YOU CAN at the grocery store. Nothing worse than going to the store and finding their out of your favorite pumpkin mix! For all the fresh stuff try and go early in the week of Thanksgiving. 
  • 2 Weeks
    • Make sure you have everything you need for dishes, cups and silverware. 
  • 1 Week
    • GROCERY  shop for all the fresh stuff.
    • Assign your family tasks and remind them it's a team effort!

Last have fun. It's the holidays a time for being with family NOT running yourself ragged. Hopefully this helps you pull of a LESS stress Thanksgiving meal and if you like the board, drop me a comment!