Turn a Stock Tank into a Pool!

Last year I was on a kick of wanting a Jacuzzi. I envisioned the perfect spot in my backyard. The vision included French doors being installed in my master bedroom to open up to beautiful flowers surrounding a Jacuzzi, creating a perfect zen area....Then a trip to the local Spa and More Store (not the real name) set me straight. That and the rough estimate to install French doors where none existed. Now that doesn't mean it won't happen, but it wasn't in the cards last year or this year. I had flooring in the house to replace after-all!
Pools aren't common around here. I live in the high desert and it doesn't get hot enough (can you believe I live in Arizona and just said that!) like it does in the Valley. Most communities have a club house with a pool. I'm not anti-social but I like my space and I like quiet. I just want to relax outside, dip in the water occasionally and sip a Mojito slowly. So I started my research for alternatives on a budget.
I found this cool idea that I thought was do-able. The stock tank pool. Ever see one of these? It's the rage or it is in my world :) They are basically horse/cattle watering bowls, but larger. Last year I was able to pick one up from the local Tractor Supply Store. I literally laid down in this in the middle of the store and spread my arms out, to make sure this was the size I wanted. I got the 8 ft. W x 2 ft. H by CountryLine, which I got at a discount because it had a dent. High Five for asking! We got it setup and did the chlorine tablets to keep it clean, but this year we got a pump from a friend! Yeah for friends.
All year I looked and couldn't find an article that was easy to follow. They all looked super complicated to hook up the water pump and not very clean looking. People had to Micky Mouse it together and I was sure there was an easier way.
Well my partner in crime, who by the way is a plumber so I really can't take the credit on this one, had it figured out. Before you think we had to go to plumbing warehouse to get supplies, we got the two pieces at True Value. Yes, besides the pump it was two pieces we needed. The pool pump is basically the 530 GPH filtration pump that comes with the 12x30 Intex pool. I believe you can buy those separately for roughly 130.00.
You'll need a few things once you decide on a pump:
A drill
Hole Saw
Bulkhead Tank Fitting
Dia Insert Male Adapter
Teflon tape

    You might want to take your hoses down to the store to ensure that you get the right diameters for the fittings to the pump hoses. My genius plumber decided we didn’t need to drain the pool, but it’s waaaay easier if you do. He marked the intake near the bottom of the stock tank, the output he put above the water line so it’s sounds like a fountain. It’s very tranquil in my opinion, but you can place it anywhere.
    • Mark your spot
    • Drill a hole, using the Hole Saw
    • Once he drilled he stuck the Bulkhead fitting through the hole and used the pliers to tighten the two pieces together. They created a seal if properly tightened, all on their own! Easy right?

      • Take the Male adapter and thread it, he added some Teflon tape to the end before he did.
      • Add the hoses and tighten the screws.
        Tada Pump installed!