3 Tips For Fur Mamas 🐶🐱

A pet is man’s (or woman’s) best friend and a perfect furry addition to any family. I'm a dog AND cat mom and I know how hard it is to keep up with all of my fur babies. With eight fur babies, five dogs and three cats, they keep me on my toes. And with all the fur, food, and toys that come with having a them, it can be hard to keep my home clean, organized and happy. 

Taking care of my babies, and making sure they are happy and healthy is almost a full time job. I feel at times like a mom with eight toddlers! Between grooming and vet visits it can become a tad overwhelming. I also want to be able to spend time with them without worrying about how I'm going to find the time or energy for them and all my other endeavors. The key I found  is to get organized and plan ahead so that I can have a well balanced life. Here are three ways I organize myself AND my fur babies.

  1. Use a planner to keep track of my pet's important information. Keeping them organized ultimately keeps me organized and sane. You can enter in your phone, a pet app or download my free planner! I like to do both, a planner and phone because with the pet planner I can leave it for the pet sitter, my kids or dare I say my husband?
  1. Having multiple fur babies, dividing the day into segments so I can spend equal amounts of time with each one even if it's only ten minutes! With a full house of pets this one is hard one and I actually divide this up between the hubby and kids. Each one of us takes one or two to hang out with.
  1. Set a time for when you clean the house with your pets. This one might sound like a no-brainer, but it can be hard to find the time in your day to do it, and it’s even harder if you work outside of the home. I recommend setting aside 20 minutes a day to spot clean, that way your not spending all weekend cleaning! Luckily for me I work from home, so that commuting I used to do or getting ready in the morning has been replaced with morning spot cleaning. Another tid bit is washing their bedding at least once a week. 

Hopefully these tips will help you get organized, keep you sane and enjoy your fur babies even more. If you have some great tips, share them in the comments below.